How to check LIC Policy Status Online, via SMS

Why should LIC Policy Status suffer from it when all services are going online? Once this service is activated, the policy holder can easily avail the e-service facility. Under this, the status, all details and statements of LIC Policy can be easily found. Earlier these services used to come to you from LIC branch but now you can get it on laptop or mobile. You can even avail this facility through SMS and phone calls. LIC is now allowing its customers to view online statements and get every policy related information.

Some urgent work has to be done before taking up the online service. First, you have to register for it in LIC. It will also register your mobile number. This is the basis on which your user account will be created. In this you can enter all the details related to LIC policy and know the status of your policy. You can also get information about premium payments, how much bonus you have received, group schemes, etc. To see the status of LIC online, you need to do this:

How to check LIC Policy Detail Online?

To check LIC policy status, detail and other information online easily by the below mentioned steps.

  • Step 1: First visit the e-service portal of LIC. Here you will see two options on the screen – New User and Registered User. Click on what you come to
  • Step 2: Go to login and proceed through user name and password
  • Step 3: Once logged in to LIC’s service account, there are many policy and account options. You now have to click the Policy Status tab.
  • Step 4: This account will provide simultaneous information about all the policies that are running. If you have more than one policy but have not listed it, you can do so here. For this, you need to click the enroll policy option. It will be found in the e-services tools section.
  • Step 5: You can now enter your policy number and get its details. At the same time, information on policy name, policy term, table number, next premium due date, even assured will be available simultaneously.

How to check LIC Policy Detail for a New User

It will take a while if you are a new policyholder and register for e-service for the first time. For this, an online registration form has to be filled. It will require user name and password information. After filling the form, you will get a mail on the email registered by LIC. It will have a link on which you will go to lic’s portal as soon as you click. Users who entered the name and password in the form will be able to open their account. Here, first of all, you need to provide information about your policy number, date of birth, premium amount, etc. Then press the submit button.

Steps to Check policy status for New User

Follow the below mentioned steps to register over LIC e-service portal and check LIC policy status online.

  • Step 1: Visit LIC of India official website, The tab of the online services will appear on the left side of the home page.
  • Click on the LIC e-services link here. From here you will go directly to the new page where the new user tab will appear.
  • Now click on new user button here then you will be a redirect to a new page where the policy related form has to be filled in.
  • Enter the required detail like policy number, LIC Premium amount without GST, Email ID etc.
  • Have to fill mobile number on which policyholder get information about premium payment alerts, policy maturity alerts and due premium.
  • Finally submit the form after entering user Id and password. Your registration will be completed and will be logged in to your account.

How to Check LIC policy status by SMS?

People who have not registered online can also get information through SMS on mobile phones. For check LIC policy status via SMS, the policyholder will have to send a message to the 56767877. If you want to know the premium installment, then after ASKLIC, write down the policy number premium and send it to the 56767877. If you want to know about the bonus amount, write down the policy number, bonus and send it to the 56767877 after ASKLIC. To know the revival amount, write revival the policy number after ASKLIC and send it to the 56767877. There will be an instant message that contains complete lic policy detail/information.

Enquiry of LIC policy details via sending SMS as following

  • Enquiry for know Instalment Premium: All the policies in life are dependent on advance annual premium payments. But instalment premiums can be half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly.
    • Type ASK<Policy Number>LICPREMIUM and send to 56767877
  • Enquiry for check Bonus Amount: The sum accumulated out of bonus as of today.
    • Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>BONUS and send to 56767877
  • Enquiry for check Revival Amount: Revival means to bring back to life. If your policy lapses, you can revive your policy any time within a duration of 5 years.
    • Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>REVIVAL and sent it to 56767877
  • Enquiry for Check the Amount of Loan Available: The sum that you can avail from your policy in the form of loan.
    • Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>LOAN and send to 56767877
  • Enquiry for Check the Status of Nomination Details in LIC Policy: You can know about the details of the nominations.
    • Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>NOM and send it to 56767877

Check LIC Pension Policy Detail by SMS

  • Enquiry for check Individual Policy Plan (IPP) Status:
    • Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>STAT and send it to 56767877
  • Enquiry for know Existence Certificate Due: Existence Certificate is a document that certifies the existence of an individual.
    • Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>ECDUE and send to 56767877
  • Check Last Annuity Release Date: The date when the annuitant releases the payments from an annuity.
    • Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>ANNPD and send it to 56767877
  • Enquire About the Annuity Amount: Annuity amount is the sum that is paid in series at equal intervals.
    • Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>AMOUNT and send to 56767877
  • To Get the Cheque Return Information: Cheque return in case of insufficient funds in drawer’s account.
    • Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>CHQRET and send to 56767877

How to Check the LIC Policy detail via IVR System?

LIC of India has provided IVR “Interactive Voice Response” system 24×7 available in almost all cities in the country. A policyholder can dial the Universal Access Number (UAN) “1251” and connect the customer care of the LIC. You can check the policy status and also ask any other queries directly overcall.

How to Check LIC Policy detail through Phone?

Helpline number for BSNL & MTNL users1215
For all other landline and mobile network users Dial local city code followed by 1215
Check LIC Policy status through Phone (IVR)

LIC Customer Care Helpline Number of India

LIC Call Centre Services are now available 24×7 at phone number +91 22 6827 6827.

How to check the Surrender Value of the LIC policy?

Surrender Value is the value or the amount paid to the policyholder on discontinuation of the policy and collects it from LIC. The Surrender Value is only payable after full payment of premiums for at least 3 years. As per the rules and regulations, the bonus also gets attached to it if the policy is participating one.

How to check the LIC Policy Surrender Value, one can calculate easily by applying the below formula.

Basic Sum Assured (Total Number of Payable Premiums / Number of Paid Premiums) + Total Bonus Received × Surrender Value Factor.

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